Challenge Overcome. Quotes From Finish

Anton Kuklin, No. 45, I’ve ridden good and stable today, I think. I have experience now, there were no problems. Everything is fine. When I crossed the finish line, I felt relieved. Two rally days still affect me. I’m not tired, I was just mentally unprepared. Now I let everything go, can smile and do anything. There was a lot of snow on the track at the new sections where we didn’t drive yesterday. Drifting snow is very interesting. Riders who thought about participating in the Snow Journey even for a second must do this, because the age of retirement will be there. You have to give everything up and ride! It’s an unforgettable and amazing experience.

Ilya Shcheglov, No. 32, There was a lot of adventures! There was everything that could happen. It’s good that the snowmobile didn’t fail. I got stuck twice and fell over in a drifting snow. I was a leader – I started first and, in fact, cleared a path for everyone. Moreover, on a snowmobile that, in principle, is not intended for this type of rallying. It has no reverse gear, it has a short track, it is sharp and fast, it’s very difficult to ride it. I was able to get out myself there. And my second mistake in navigation – I ran into a forest and got stuck so that only my skis, probably, stuck out. There was so much snow that I couldn’t reach it with my feet, I just crawled, I couldn’t even get up. Nail Khubbatullin helped me. He was passing by, he also got lost, we miraculously pulled out a snowmobile together, and I rode quietly. It’s not just about victory, I didn’t even count on the finish line. Slowly, second by second, minute by minute, I caught up with the leaders, overtook them 10–15 kilometers to the finish line, but that’s not all. Then I “caught” a stone under the snow, bent the suspension, almost went off the snowmobile, the handlebar was knocked out, I tore off a piece of the ski and finished first just with one wing. It was so unexpected for me! Emotions run high, of course. If by some miracle I win, then it will be primarily the merit of Nail Khubbatullin. 50/50, at least, maybe more. Well, it’s just a combination of circumstances that causes unforgettable positive emotions.

Alexey Zverev, No. 76, I’ve driven well today, without any problems. Perhaps I exceeded the speed once somewhere, because I went beyond its limit when braking, but I think that everything is fine. I overtook many riders, they didn’t catch up with me. Everything went according to plan. The finish is the most important thing. Finishing at such an important event is worth a lot. I’ve got much pleasant emotions. Everyone who is watching – I wish you to participate in competitions like this. Don’t stay at home! Come, ride, have fun and a lot of impressions. The rally is long, it lasts for more than one day, so when I crossed the finish arch that was a load off my mind and only positive emotions. I got the job done! There is a finish! I can tell future competitors: a snowmobile is not the main thing at this rally. Everyone is on an equal footing – the speed is limited. So any snowmobile of any brand will do. Do not be shy, come and get a lot of impressions! The organization is at the highest level! Nowhere, in no rally I haven’t seen it. Thanks a lot!

Hubert Gallart, No. 64, I’ve ridden good today, I really enjoyed it. I’m very glad! Yesterday I made a slight mistake in navigation and lost more than 15 minutes, so today I’ve decided to drive carefully. I hope everything is ok, we’ll see tonight. I was very happy at the finish line, because I feel tired today. I would like to tell everyone: you should definitely take part in the Snow Journey! The organization is awesome! Everything is perfect: the place is chic and safe, there is a lot of spectators. I feel very comfortable.

Ruslan Yanborisov, No. 74, I think all the competitors, as well as the Organizers, are delighted. I will definitely take part in the next editions of the rally! Thank you! At the finish line I felt joy, because everything worked out! Everyone arrived and I’m ok. There were difficulties with observing the speed limit – I didn’t always see the GPS signal, because I looked at the track and sometimes it was too late to slow down. The track is gorgeous, thanks to the Organizers for such a detailed and scrupulous approach to laying it.

Albert Sharafiev, No. 9, I had a great ride! Super! I even don’t think I got fined today. At the end I felt bliss and joy. The Organizers hid a waypoint in one place in the forest, everyone rode past it, but it was necessary to go through the small undergrowth. I went straight over the branches on my snowmobile, knocking down trees. I remember it, it was very cool. It was even noted by the following riders. It’s a perfect day!

Ivan Gusev, No. 40, The stage was excellent, better than yesterday. Yesterday I was still learning how to ride, but today I have already succeeded. There were such big potholes in the field, it was not very comfortable. But the day was easier because of shorter distance. Yesterday I had to go faster. But in general, I’ve got positive impressions.